Commercial Information & Assessment

If you've made an investment in carpet, furniture, and panel systems, you know that a daily building maintenance service simply isn't enough to assure an interior that is impressive to visitors and healthy for employees.

To achieve appearance goals, you need an ongoing maintenance plan that's customized to the use of your offices and to the fabrics and carpeting you've purchased. In addition to industry-leading protective treatments, Fiber-Seal specializes in all types of commercial carpet cleaning, area rug, and Oriental cleaning, upholstery cleaning, as well as spotting and cleaning of panel systems.

Commercial Information & Assessment


How We Work with You

1. Free Consultation: A Fiber-Seal consultant will visit your facility, at no charge, to discuss your needs and how the space/furniture is used. They will then provide a free proposal that has been tailored to your space, furniture, and fabrics/fibers.

2. Cleaning & Treatment: Fiber-Seal technicians will spot or clean all soft surfaces then apply the appropriate Fiber-Seal treatment for the surface as detailed in your approved proposal.

3. Support: Fiber-Seal is here to help you, just call us.

  • Proposals may include:
    • Scheduled service inspections to remove spots, monitor traffic patterns, clean traffic areas, and assure that the facility is client-ready.
    • Emergency service for problems like coffee pot explosions, toner spillover, delivery tracking, and other headaches
    • Janitorial training to help employees do a better job in your facility

The Fiber-Seal System can save you money on maintenance costs, lengthen the life of furnishings, save you downtime that comes with replacements, offer affordable commercial carpet cleaning, and improve the everyday appearance of your facility. If you've made an investment in fine furnishings and you want to protect it if you need help in caring for your furniture and carpeting, or if you simply want to spend less time worrying about your interior and more time enjoying it, complete the assessment form and a local representative will call you to arrange an appointment at your convenience.